Data Card War Ė BSNL Vs Tata Vs Airtel Vs Reliance


In India, 3G is buzzing everywhere like Tata indicom photon 3G and Reliance Netconnect 3G, BSNL 3G. What about the other data cards like: EVDO BSNL, Tata Photon Plus etc. Let me take a opportunity to present them before they wash off from market with the entrance of 3G technology.

There are two types of data card available in India:

  • High speed data cards: All data card except 1x, which gives more speed are high speed data card. These data card like bsnl evdo data card 2.4 MBPS or reliance data card 3.5 MBPS comes under this category.
  • Low speed data cards: All 1x data card which gives speed from 144 kbps to 250 kbps are comes under low speed data cards.

Note: Many of the below mentioned options must be verified in different areas, in your area the results may differ.

Reliance NetConnect Plus:
Reliance is currently the best wireless connection in India which can be used for both Reliance Data Card Netconnect laptops and desktops and the monthly subscriptions start from just 400 Rs/month unlimited plans for every month and currently a promotional offer is running where in a free data card is offered. The download speeds are ranging from 15-25kbps when you opt in for unlimited data download package which is the best download speed offered in India on wireless internet connections.


  • Upto 800 Rs per month for 3 GB
  • 1100 Rs for 10 GB
  • 1500 for 15 GB


  • Well Coverage
  • National Roaming

Advertised 3.1 mbps on limited cities only (1.5 to 2 mbps practically) Other places itís only 144 Kbps(Basic CDMA 1X network).

Tata Indicom Photon:
Tata indicom broadband offers a internet compatible connection for laptops and PCís where in you can surf internet anywhere in India it definitely depends on the area in which you live, If nothing else is available and TATA indicom WLL phone has good reception there is nothing wrong in selecting TATA Indicomís WLL service walky with internet speeds up to 153 kbps though the practical speed is 20kbps only. The USB modem rental starts from 99Rs/month with time based and data based plans.

- Upto 1500 for 15 GB only 50 Paise per mb beyond fair use limit.


  • Better upload/download speeds.
  • Works easily with Linux.

- Limited cities coverage

BSNL has burnt in the phone number and hence the EVDO comes with a phone number on it. The user id is the phone number prefixed with area code and password is typically the last 4 digits of the phone number. You can take BSNL 2.4 mbps data cards on rent or you can by it directly.  BSNLís GPRS / EDGE in postpaid is very cheap starting at Rs 150 with unlimited option of Rs 349.  With its WLL data cards it offers unlimited internet faster than dialup for just Rs 250 per month and this was much better than I expected  even in a rural area. But some part of country it is not getting good responses. I think tower may be far from the original location.

650 Rs month for unlimited plan


  • Well connectivity
  • Unlimited usage
  • Attractive Tariff

Poor customer service

Airtel Data Card:
Airtelís Wireless enables Internet, Email, and Office applications with real-time secure VPN access to corporate applications whilst on the move. Airtel Data Card is the superior PC Data Card solution which delivers wireless internet capabilities to laptops and notebooks, by providing EDGE and GPRS technologies in a single PC Card package. That time it was on unlimited plans of 500 rs per month. But this data card was not working in other states. Still ití was very unsatisfied that time but you can check the performance of data card in your region.


Courtesy by :Shri.U.Thirumalaikumarasamy/D.E(NSS-OPERATIONS)/CMTS,COIMBATORE
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